December 2003 Argentina
An international theater network gathering around themes for the purpose of meeting, partnering, and engaging with the cultural landscape.


Transformation --

Art in Transit, Art in Transition

A consideration of how art and its artists move: across geographical/cultural borders; between genres; and how this movement based-work informs a new theater aesthetic and ethic.

Microcosm/Macrocosm. Does the artist in transformation also transform the world?




Models of Ensemble and Confederacy
Coordinated by: Aldo El-Jatib Amato and Gabriele Schafer
Duration: 15:30-17:00

Roundtable discussion examining the future of working collectively as a theater and working as a collective of many theaters.



Translation or Transference?
The function of language in storytelling across cultures

Coordinated by: Melanie Dreyer
Duration: 17:15-19:15

An investigation of the understanding provided or prevented by language issues through the exploration of three different translations. Actors will present a scene from a contemporary German play a) in the original German, b) in an English translation c) in a Spanish translation of the English. Artists and audience participants will use this event to interrogate the following issues: How does language dictate our perceptions of story telling? What happens to the original story when it is transferred to another language, i.e. what beyond words is lost or found in translation? What cultural associations or projections exist as a part of the viewing experience when language is understood and when it is not? Does the kinesthetic experience of speaking or hearing the language provide keys to cultural understanding? One group of actors, all with differing mother tongues, will serve as the primary demonstrators, although audience members are encouraged to actively participate throughout the investigative process.

  Writing and Rehearsal
Coordinated by: Erik Ehn and Nick Fracaro
Duration: 19:30-21:30
Writing as performance, playwriting in the rehearsal process. Exercises and discussion - writing into and out of movement and other improvisations; exploring "Butoh-fu", the process of Hijikata's choreograohy. An examination of the new position of the script after Grotowski.







Coordinated by: Cynthia Croot
Duration: 15:30-18:30

Originated by Mary Overlie, a post-modern dance choreographer, The Viepoints is a system of improvisation that investigates space and time in performance. Director Anne Bogart further refined this system and applied it to ensemble work in the theatre. Breaking the experience of the performer down into six main categories, The Viewpoints builds deep ensemble awareness, develops intuition, increases attention to detail, strength and flexibility --- all the while fostering an exuberant, and truly collaborative work environment for performers, choreographers, and directors alike.


The Macbeth Project
Coordinated by: Jacob Zimmer
Duration: 18:30-21:30

Rat has given itself the task of co-creating and rehearsing a version of Macbeth over the next five years, with new material contributed and considered in some way at our meets over that period. Experimenta and Rat participants are encouraged to bring a 10-minute response to, meditation on or new interpretation of the themes of Macbeth -- a poem, a gesture, a soundscape, a renunciation of the premise, an antidote… We'll compare notes, talk through points of connection and opposition, then work with methods of bringing the material together and the project forward. Whatever the project does for Shakespeare's play, dramaturging Macbeth will dramaturg us..


These activities will take place as part of "EXPERIMENTA 6 TEATRO" International Meeting of Theater Groups taking place from December 7 to 13, 2003 at the "TEATRO DEL RAYO" Theatre Hall, Rosario, Argentina. The rat meet will then continue from December 14-17 at Willaldea, an artists' colony near Canuelas, outside of Buenos Aires,