The following are some general guidelines discovered over the course of the monthly FBNs which should prove helpful in facilitating this process/product/community. They are what we have learned as producers, participants (acting, directing and writing) and audience members. While they will not hold true for everyone at all times, they are intended to minimize frustration and unnecessary trial and error learning.

Once the ensembles are in place on Friday night, each should spend some time to get to know each other.




In summary to all artists: In a poker hand, the lowly deuce in and of itself means nothing. Neither does an ace. You need all 5 cards to tell what kind of hand you've got. That part is the luck of the draw. But even after the cards are dealt, you still have to play the hand gracefully, aggressively and with confidence. In other words, you may or may not find yourself in a group with a great script, great actors and a great director, but regardless, it is the intense and compact 24-hour process that needs to be played well. That is the real make-or-break challenge for one and all.

We should keep learning from this unique process. To that end, if at all possible, each temporary little ensemble should talk to each other after the production (in person or in email). Tell each other what worked for you and what didn't.