Fly By Night is process

24 hours because the sun rises and the sun sets on our theatre as it does on the rest of our lives. We celebrate the cycle of our lives and the ethereal nature of our art form. So once a month we gather in this ritual to perform beneath a waxing and waning moon.

We continue to grow and adapt organically. And we refuse all notions on how to fix something that was never broken. Yet each month we shed our old skin, abandoning the "model" to the side of the road as we continue onward to the next adventure and experiment.

Our form is an extension of our content. So we never cut off the claws of the crab to fit it into the box. We build from a model of abundance not scarcity. Necessity is the mother of invention and we creatively expand and accessorize the venues to house our limitless explorations.

Fly By Night is product

Our product is the performance we collectively produce. Collectively we provide the net for each ensemble to practice their tightrope act. We encourage valiant failures more than timorous successes.

Theatre is first and foremost a gift. We seek an audience and judge other than the market to provide the verdict on the quality of our work.

Our fellow peers engaged in the creation with us are our truest audience.

We summon our audience one by one in the same way we invite our friends and family to a barbecue. We cook and prepare our theater in the same manner as we host and share our homemade meals.

We celebrate the diversity of aesthetics, talents and experience we present in each monthly rendering. We especially celebrate the births of new playwrights, actors and directors we midwife.

Fly By Night is community

We continuously involve the fullness of the theater community locally and regionally.

We scorn insularity as the foremost nemesis to theater community.

We are an ethical as much as an aesthetic enterprise. We are endowing an art form that embraces the fellowship and tolerance of the many over the opinions and judgements of the few.

We seduce adventurous artists from the safety of their cliques. We demand that the chickens leave their roosts.

Community is our audience is our peers is the endeavor of our theater.