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Words become their own being. Once they have left the body of their creator, they begin an existence of their own. They exercise their free will.

Some will become fighting words. Soldiers in a war that is as old as mankind.

Our fate, as well as the fate of others, is often a function of the words we distribute in the world.

The butoh masters explore our bodies elementally as flesh in the manner of alchemists, schooling us in the belief that our DNA is as subject to manipulation and transformation as our fate is.

You have to pull your stomach up high in order to turn your solar plexus into a terrorist. –Hijikata

So today I will go to war, again. With my DNA, my fate, my words.

The choreography I am working on now I have titled The Ghost of Hamlet’s Flesh.

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  1. Read ‘Signature/Event/Context’ by Jacques Derrida, its an essay about the contextual indeterminability of acts of communication he delivered at a conference in Montreal in 1967 and you can find it in ‘Margins of Philosophy’. Then read ‘The Scandal of the Speaking Body’ by Soshana Felman, about Moliere and the performative speech act.

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