Local Girl’s Tumultuous Rise and Fall from Fame

Local Girl’s Tumultuous Rise and Fall from Fame

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Dear Local Girl,

We are all deeply saddened here in Brooklyn by your recent tragic fall from fame. Upon receipt of this momentous news the Rat Sass executive committee convened in special session over the holidays.  In a decisive and unanimous action the committee has awarded you the coveted Walk of Fame Star.

Rat Sass Walk of Fame Stars are real duplicates of the replicas made by the same artist who creates the Hollywood plaques given to the celebrities when they receive a star on the sidewalk.

The Rat Sass Walk of Fame Star follows the lead of Muhammad Ali’s star, which is displayed on a wall of the Kodak Theatre, not on the sidewalk, due to Ali not wanting his name walked on by “people who have no respect for me.”  

All members of the Rat Sass executive committee have pledged to wheatpaste a Local Girl star onto the theater’s wall every time one of them visits Hollywood and Vine.

Best regards,

Rat Sass Executive Committee

The Rat Sass executive committee is still accepting nominations for the 2007 Walk of Fame Star in the five obscure Theatrosphere “best of” subcatergories.

  • Best Hype of Outrage Against George Bush, NYTimes critic, or Satan (and other Christians) to Increase Links and Blog Stats
  • Best Self Plugging or Infomercial
  • Best Display of Sycophancy toward Print Media
  • Best Deletion of Unpopular or Embarrassing Post by Its Author
  • Best Kowtow to the Common Denominator Reader

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  1. Hi Ian,

    Thanks for reading. Yeah, I’m very slim with the posts here of late. I’ve been working as dramaturg on a new play and production. I’m also working with others on intiating a new theatre company out of this production. Actually we are transforming out of our old identity of Thieves Theatre into a configuration more reflective of the international work we are doing now. We’ll be going public with the web site soon. We’ll also have blog there, so I’ll be splitting my blogging time between here and there. Probably not much crossposting. I’ll have a much less “caustic” persona over there. Thanks again for the encouragement.

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